Panorama Hotel of Kish


Panorama Hotel of Kish

Facilities: online services, online housekeeping services. IP TV services, high-speed internet in all rooms, air conditioning system with environmental sensors according to the number of persons, BMS system and central control, online reservation system and the service of getting room card on your smartphone, amphitheater with 700 persons capacity, lobby and simultaneous access to indoor and outdoor of the hotel, 13 residential floors, 2 lobby floors, restaurant and underground, the lobby and terrace facing the street, independent dining breakfast, 2 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, eastern and western sides of the building face sea view and in eastern side there is a panorama elevator on the exterior façade, 8 passenger and service elevators, water recreational complex, swimming pool and Spa massager, sport training hall, 24 hrs. room service, salty water aquarium in the lobby, airport hospitality- transfer to market and recreational centers, multi-counter tourism, rent car, especial parking lot, prayer room, both toilet  and Iranian toilet service, TV with satellite, coffee net, mini bar, Laundry, safe box, cooling system, food stand and … .

Distance to sea: 8 min. by foot

Distance to market: next to the market

Sea view: eastern and western sides of hotel

Terrace: most of the rooms

Address: in front of Diplomat tower, Sahel Blvd. Amir Kabir square.

Contact No: 09347684653

Land area: 13000 square meters

Useful area: 24000 square meters

Number of floors: 15 floors

Number of rooms: 300


Number of beds: 900

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